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How does an Apricus Solar Hot Water system work?

Before you invest in a solar hot water system it’s good to understand how they work, and how your purchase will be advantageous to your household or business. 

The amount of energy you will save varies; based on your location, water usage, and the type of system you install. On average, an electric hot water system accounts for about 30% of your total household energy usage. Installing an Apricus solar hot water system can save you up to 80% of the energy used by your existing electric hot water unit.


Apricus solar collectors are flexible enough to be installed in most Residential, Business and Commercial hot water applications, but the basic evacuated tube solar heating principal remains the same:

* The evacuated tube solar collector captures the sun’s light and heat energy.

* A circulator pushes water through the solar collector, transferring the captured heat into the water.

* The heat is then stored in a tank, which continually heats throughout the day.

* Hot water is drawn from the storage tank into the household when hot taps are opened.


In the above image, A. shows the collector structure of the Apricus solar hot water system.

1. Collector manifold

2. Insulation

3. Copper header pipe

4. Cyclone Rated Framework

5. Evacuated tube

6. Heat transfer fin & heat pipe


In the above image, B. displayed the below operational process of the Apricus solar hot water system:


Step 1. The Sunlight strikes the dark-blue absorber inside the evacuated tube.

Step 2. The heat pipe transfers the heat up to the copper header pipe location in the insulated manifold box.

Step 3. A pump circulates water from the storage tank to the copper header pipe warming the water. The solar heated water is then pumped down into the storage tank for use. 


Apricus evacuated tube collectors are made to Australian and International standards and can withstand Australia’s varying, and often unpredictable, weather conditions. No Sunshine? No worries! All Apricus solar hot water systems have a booster built-in to ensure you are never left with a cold shower! Anti-frost is buiult in to the Apricus system to ensure solar hot water can be provided even in cold regions.


Installing an Apricus solar hot water system will help you

•    SAVE up to 80% on your water heating bills

•    REDUCE your household carbon emissions

•    INCREASE the value of your home or property and;

•    PRODUCE free hot water from the sun.


View the Apricus Solar Hot Water System now! If you’re still not too sure exactly what you’re looking for our knowledgeable sales team are here to help you choose the best product for you! Use our Live Chat option, call 11300 191 911 or email and start saving today! 

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