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Here is a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions. Feel free to contact us if any of your questions aren’t answered here. Phone 1300 191 911 e-mail

I can't find the size (inverter, solar panel, LED, regulator, generator, battery) that I am looking for?
The Energy Hub is working hard at the moment to build our product range - if you cannot find the size or model that you are looking for online please send us an e-mail or call us as we may not have uploaded the product as yet. 


A pop up has appeared asking me if I want help?
This is an automated pop up that appears when our customer service agents are online. If you do not wish to speak with us then simply close the chat down. If you have any questions then you can use this to talk to someone in one of our offices. Your message will come through to one of the team. 


How do I clean my solar panels?
You only need to use warm water and a soft cloth or sponge on the panels to keep them clean. You will want to do this once in a while as dirty panels or films including mold can cause your panels efficiency to drop.  Also, make sure to keep them clear of bird and bat droppings as they can permanently mark your panels.


What is a regulator?
A regulator converts power created by your solar panels into a suitable power source for your battery to draw from. The regulator will stop charging the battery once it is fully charged. It will then start charging the battery again once the power drops below preset voltages.


How much noise does a solar panel system make?
Solar panel systems are SILENT and are able to be used in all National Parks.


Who can I get to install solar panels on my caravan?
An auto electrician should be able to carry out the installation of your panels.


Can I order wholesale?
We do have certain products available for wholesale. Please click on the wholesale button on the front page or contact us for more information.


Why should I switch to LED lighting?
LED lights use 80-90% less energy than incandescent light bulbs. For example for the same light output as a 40W incandescent bulb you can get a 4-5W LED bulb as a replacement.


Do I save money with LED bulbs as they cost a lot upfront?
LED bulbs save you money in more than one way. Most LEDs pay for themselves after 1-2 years through the savings off your electricity bill when replacing incandescent bulbs. Also, LEDs have a much longer life than incandescent bulbs meaning you’ll save even more money off replacement costs of the bulb.


What is an STC? 
Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) are created when any renewable energy system is installed i.e. pv solar power, heat pump or solar hot water systems. The number of STCs created depends on the size of the system and the location. Once installation is complete then you are eligible to claim these STCs as a discount (Please Note: PV system must be installed by an accredited installer, solar hot water and heat pumps must be installed by a licenced plumber). The Energy Hub are registered STC traders and will purchase your STCs at the given market price upon completion of installation provided that all documentation is submitted within 12 months of installation - Processing time may vary and is subject to approval. Value of the STCs is subject to fluctuation. 

For further information visit :


Do the Prices include Installation? 
No, all pricing is supply only inclusive of GST. 


Freight calcuation is too expensive? 
Please send us an e-mail or call us if your freight calculation seems too high we will try to source alternative delivery if possible especially of larger bulky items such as generators and batteries. or call 1300 191 911


Free Shipping on Apricus and Stiebel Eltron Products? 
Yes, for Metro Area's - we try to keep delivery costs to a minimum however Price on application for delivery to remote areas or call 1300 191 911. 

At the check out store pickup is mentioned, where can I pick up my order?
We are based in Cairns, North Queensland, however depending on the product, you may be able to collect from a warehouse closer to you (warehouse pickup on selected products is available throughout the major Australian cities).To avoid disappointment - should your selected product not be available in the store closest to you, we encourage you to call us on 1300 191 911 or e-mail us at, you can also chat to us via live chat (icon on the bottom right hand corner of the webstore) or submit an e-mail through the live chat function if an operator is not online at the time. We can advise if the product you are after is in the branch closest to you and if not we will endeavour to make your order a smooth process and as price competive as possible. 


What is the sound level of a Stiebel Eltron WWK 300A? 
The unit is rated at 49dB (a whisper is around 30dB and a conversation is around 60dB - 70dB).


What is the warranty on the Stiebel Eltron WWK 300A? 
Five years on the tank, two years on the compressor and one year on the electrics.


What is the warranty on the slim line wall panel heaters? 
Five years from date of purchase. 


How is water heated using the Stiebel Eltron heat pump? 
A Heat Pump works like a refrigerator, only in reverse. Air which contains solar heat energy is extracted by the Heat Pump to heat water. A fan draws air through an evaporator which contains very cold liquid refrigerant. The heat in this air is absorbed by the refrigerant, turning it into a very hot liquid. The hot liquid refrigerant is then compressed to a "super heated" gas via a compressor. The gas is then circulated to a condenser, where the heat from the gas is transferred to the water in the tank. The now cool refrigerant is then reused and the cycle starts all over again. Power is only required to operate the compressor to move the heat around the system, not to heat the water.


What are the benefits of installing an Apricus Solar Hot Water System?
Save up to 80% on your water heating bills, Reduce your household carbon emissions, Increase the value of your home or property, Produce free hot water from the sun. 


How does the Apricus Solar Hot Water System Work? 
First, the sunlight strikes the dark absorber coating inside the evacuated tube. Next, the heat pipe transfers the heat up to the copper head pipe located in the insulated manifold box. Finally, a circulator moves water from the storage tank to the copper header pipe warming water. The solar heated water is then pushed down into the storage tank for use. 


Can I use an Apricus Solar Collector with my existing hot water system? 
Apricus collectors can be added to an existing hot water system, but retro-fit systems are not applicable for any Small- scale Technology Certificates (STCs) discounts. 


How much energy will I save using an Apricus Solar Hot Water System? 
The amount of energy you will save varies; based on location, water usage and type of system you install. On average, an electric hot water system accounts for about 30% of your total household energy usage. Installing an Apricus will save you up to 80% of the energy used by your existing electric hot water unit. 

If the sun isn't shining will I still have hot water? 
All Apricus solar hot water systems have a booster built-in to ensure you are never left with a cold shower. 


What are the advantages of using Apricus Evacuated Tubes? 
• Evacuated tubes passively track the sun
• Lightweight and durable design
• Excellent cold weather performance
• Frost protected without the use of glycol
• Low maintenance design


What is the warranty on LED lights?
The Energy Hub Australia (TEHA) offers 24 months warranty on all LEDs the lifetime (hrs) is 40,000. 


When will I receive my order?
Please allow 5-7 business days for delivery. If there is a delay one of our customer service team will make contact with you. 




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