Solar Power - towards 2050

Solar Power is stronger than ever. Solar panels in 2014 are producing 4.9% more power than they were three years ago. 

Solar Power is stronger than ever. Solar panels in 2014 are producing 4.9% more power than they were three years ago.  The Photon Laboratory in Germany has been measuring the yield of solar panels for the last 8 years and recently reported that in 2013, the yield of solar panels has set a new record with an average yield of 91.5%. The Eco Report Feb 6, 2014.

Research from the Photon Laboratory showed that even the worse solar module in 2013, produced a performance yield of 87.9%, this was the normal average yield 2 years ago. CleanTechnica 2014

Sunpower panels achieved the highest efficiency yield of 95.2% and dominated the solar industry producing the top three modules in 2012 CleanTechnica 2014. An independent yield report undertaken by BEW Engineering in January 2013 showed that Sunpower panels have a yield advantage over other solar panels between 7 – 9% per watt BEW/DNV Engineering  "SunPower Yield Report," Jan 2013.

According to the report, the main reasons behind the superiority of Sunpower solar panels is due to their performance in low light conditions, reduced sensitivity to temperature, anti-reflective glass coating and no light-induced degradation. These panels are considered to be one of the best panels on the market to provide superior power efficiency.

If it was not due to errors in new testing equipment, it would have been likely that Sunpower again would have taken the top rankings for 2013. Photon Laboratory Feb 2014

In 2013, ET Solar in China produced one of the top three solar panels with regards to efficiency at 93.4% CleanTechnica 2014  ET panels have been used on significant installations including the 276kW system on one of the largest indoor sports arenas in Jordan at Al-Ahliyya Amman University in 2014 and on two sites at the Harvard Business School in Boston in 2013. Both of these projects chose to use ET Solar panels due to the quality of the modules.

The Energy Hub Australia, an accredited and reputable solar supplier, recognized the quality and superiority of Sunpower and ET Solar panels through its research and development. Both of these panels are available through the Energy Hub Australia webstore

Solar energy will play an important role in our future supply of energy, as it is clean and a renewable source. According to the 2013 report from the World Energy Council, energy efficiency is crucial to managing the demand for energy outstripping supply as the world moves towards 2050.  The report predicts that sources of renewable energy will increase from 15% in 2010 towards 20 – 30% in 2050, with fossil fuels still being our main supply of energy. Fossil fuels are depleting quickly, so it will be challenging to rely on these energy sources moving into the future. In light of the improvements of solar yields, there is no better time than now to invest in your future and those of future generations.